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Frequently Asked Questions-Rates

 Frequently Asked Questions-Rates


  1. How do Pointe Coupee Electric's prices compare with other utilities?

On an average basis, Pointe Coupee Electric’s rates will generally be lower than those of other utilities serving consumers in our area.   Based on our continuous research, our rates typically fall lower than CLECO, and with the new rate increase our rates will be in line with Entergy.   

  1. What is Pointe Coupee Electric doing to hold down costs?

Pointe Coupee Electric strives to operate efficiently while sticking to our mission of providing affordable, high-quality and reliable electric services.  We are always looking for ways to manage costs, which include partnerships with Touchstone Energy, energy efficiency programs, and safety education.

This was the first rate increase for the cooperative in 7 years.  We have minimized increases by managing costs and implementing a number of cost-saving measures, strategic planning efforts and by passing on reductions in our cost of power from our wholesale providers. 

  1. What are the official rate increases?

Members will see an average increase of 6.8% on their electric bills, which equals approximately a half cent.

  1.  What are some ways I can manage my bill?

Pointe Coupee Electric offers a number of options to help you manage your power bill.  Some of those services include automatic payment options, budget billing, energy efficiency programs and  If you are interested in learning more about these services, contact the Member Services Department at (225) 638-3751 or 800-738-7232.

  1. When did the cooperative give us notice about the increase?

It is the goal of Pointe Coupee Electric to pass pricing information on to our member consumers in a timely manner.  Typically, a planned increase allows time to tell members when a price adjustment can be expected.  We have used a variety of methods to inform our members including the Manager’s Report at the Annual Meeting for the last two years, Louisiana Country articles, press releases in the local papers in our tri-parish service area, etc.