Phone: (225) 638-3751 Toll Free: 800-738-7232

We need your info!

Pointe Coupee Electric is implementing a new system to keep you our members better informed.  It’s called One Call Now!  This system will allow us to notify you  about large power outages, scheduled outages and other important notifications from the Coop via phone call, text and/or email. 


Please update your contact information by submitting the form below. 


In the box marked Primary Phone Number, please provide the phone number you would like on record to receive notifications from the cooperative. If you will be opting in to receive text messages, make sure the PRIMARY NUMBER is a cell number. 


If you wish to OPT in to receive text messages instead of a phone call, text the word ALERT to 22300.


If you have any questions, contact Jill Copeland in Member Services at 225-638-3751 or 800-738-7232.

Please give us the primary phone number to receive notification phone calls. If you will be opting in to receive text messages, this primary number will need to be a cell phone number.
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